Good For 24 Hours – Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2 Review

Written by Ian Yuan, August 27, 2009, 0 Comments
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Missed the review for Chapter 1? Check out our thoughts on the WiiWare version here.

Telltale Games is back with another installment of the Tales of Monkey Island series: Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay. When we last left Guybrush, he was neck to sword with an unknown assailant. This episode begins with a quick re-cap of the events of Chapter 1 before returning to our hero, now locked in a sadly insult-less duel with Morgan LeFlay, Mighty Pirate Hunter™.

This time around we’ve gotten our hands on the PC version. Not surprisingly, in comparison to the WiiWare variant, the visual experience this time around was a resounding improvement. With crisp lines and sharper resolution it’s easier to appreciate the appropriately cartoon-like style and character designs. As well, controlling Guybrush with mouse and keyboard is more intuitive.

But the platform related issues aside; those who’ve played Chapter 1 can expect generally more of the same but with a few refinements. This edition is also far funnier than its predecessor with a different kind of comedic flair. The humour incorporates fewer pop-culture references and is more mature, but only in the most conservative sense of the word, as there are more “saucy quips” than there are “dirty jokes”. I don’t want to give anything away but there is also a hilarious sequence with LeChuck that should not be missed.

This time around the puzzles require a little additional time and thought, even though the entire chapter can still be beat in one sitting. The supporting cast of characters are also far easier to like and interact with due to the combination of better voice acting, quirkier personalities and funnier dialogue. Recurrent characters, like your first-mate Winslow, finally begin to grow on you.

So what I’m really trying to say is…
Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay builds on what was laid out in Chapter 1. Using the same quality visuals and format, Telltale presents a slightly meatier and engrossing entry in the series. This one features higher quality voice acting, interesting characters and more humour. Those skeptical after the release of Chapter 1 or those who’ve already bought the whole series in advance should take heart; these episodic releases seem to be going in the right direction. Also, my suspicions have been confirmed, the PC version is far superior to its WiiWare counterpart in terms of graphic fidelity and implementation (load times and controls).

Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay was played on PC and completed in approx. 3 hrs. The entire 5-episode season is currently available on PC for $34.95 USD.

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