PAX East
2013 – The Deaths of Ian

Written by Ian Howlett, March 31, 2013, 0 Comments

Ian Y and I made the trip out to Boston this year for PAX East 2013 and we took a few photos. We thought we would share that with you.

Ian Y attempts to steal the Prince's Katamari

In an effort to capture an implement that would allow him to roll up all of the T-Shirts at PAX with ease, Ian Y attempts to steal the Prince’s Katamari

Backlash for the attempted thievery

This did not work out well. Since he was only slightly to big to be rolled up, he was promptly eliminated.

This may have also set us on the wrong foot

This may have also set us on the wrong foot as Ian Y attempts to steal ALL OF THE LANYARDS. Security was watching us now.

Ian Yuan - Batman?

Security eventually caught up with us. We told them we were badge holders, but he only said “And this gives you power over me?” Then he made Ian Y into Batman by breaking him.

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