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Another Cast
Episode 56 – The Lost Levels

Written by Ian Howlett, April 12, 2013, 0 Comments

In December of 2012 we recorded a podcast. A podcast so great that it destroyed the very fabric of sound itself. After months of study, physicists were able to reconstruct the cast using quantum computing. It was, of course, impossible to understand and not playable in any known format. This is our tribute to that podcast, one of equal or lesser greatness that was also recorded in December 2012.

This recording of Another Cast features special guest Kyle Brown, a friend of Tim’s, who came on to discuss the WiiU. We talk about that and many other things. A full breakdown of the topics is included below for your listening convenience.

00:00:00 Silliness, theme music and introduction
00:02:54 What We’re Playing – Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
00:06:55 What We’re Playing – Kirby’s Mass Attack
00:10:56 What We’re Playing – Hitman: Absolution
00:28:48 What We’re Playing – XCOM Enemy Unknown
00:29:27 What We’re Playing – BioShock 2 (Minerva’s Den DLC)
00:32:25 What We’re Playing – Home
00:38:35 What We’re Playing – Borderlands 2
00:57:26 LSR New Theme – Plays Well With Others
01:20:23 WiiU – The Long Deliberation


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