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  • Picture from the inside of the Bijoux Red Instruction cover
  • Picture from the inside of the Bijoux Red Instructions
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Another Cast
– FanCast – ConBravo! 2013

Written by Ian Howlett, July 28, 2013, 0 Comments

Ian Yuan and Ian Howlett were in Hamilton, Ontario this weekend to attend ConBravo!, a convention catering to comics, games, anime and miscellaneous other fans. While there we bought things, talked to lots of great people and played some video games. To wrap up all of the things that we saw and did, we’ve put together a Fan Cast highlighting all of the great things about the convention. It’s all the excitement of Another Cast, but in Hamilton!

Thanks again to the ConBravo! staff, volunteers and to all of the great artists and developers who took the time to speak to us this weekend.

Below are some of the pictures of the Bijoux Red instruction booklet, the Sentimentale swag and Alexander Chow art.

00:00 The Introduction, music and inappropriate game studio names
01:17 Adventures into Hamilton
05:30 Starseed Pilgrim and droqen
08:08 and Heartbreaks… Spellirium!
15:45 Electronic Super Joy
19:40 Bijoux Red and Revolver Games
25:20 Awaken
29:20 Pete Williams and Weiners (Alpha!)
31:00 Artists Alley and Shilling
39:22 Music featuring Starpilot, COINS and DJ FINISH HIM and the joy of ConBravo!


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