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Another Cast Episode 60
– On The Moon With Supermodels

Written by Ian Howlett, September 4, 2013, 0 Comments

With our podcast reaching retirement age, we show no signs of stopping on this week’s Another Cast. Tim, Ian and I discuss some of the games we have been playing, including Gone Home, Killer is Dead and Anodyn before delving into our Question of the Week! This week’s question being: How do you feel about Nintendo focusing heavily on their handhelds such as with the imminent release of the 2DS rather than the Wii U, since the PS4 and Xbox One are around the corner?

Thanks so much to Veerender for submitting the QotW this week! Really awesome question!


00:00 Fan Expo and a brief intro
02:05 Playlist – Killer is Dead
09:45 Playlist – Anodyne
15:55 Playlist – Gone Home
26:20 Playlist – The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
36:11 Playlist – Skullgirls
42:30 Playlist – To The Moon
53:48 Question of the Week


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