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Another Cast Episode
61 – The Descendants of our Ancestors

Written by Ian Howlett, October 30, 2013, 0 Comments

In an almost lost Another Cast, the LeftStickRight team talk about the games they have been playing. They also talk about the CRTC, the shape of Ontario and irritable bowel syndrome. But that kind of just happened.

This podcast was originally recorded on October 5th! Opinions may have changed! It’s not likely.


00:00 CanCon and the Intro
04:00 Playlist – Rogue Legacy
13:15 Playlist – Game & Wario
18:55 Playlist – GTAV
34:44 Playlist – La Mulana
40:40 Playlist – The Wonderful 101
50:50 Question of the Week – What’s your favourite Legend of Zelda game?
59:40 Playlist – Splinter Cell Blacklist


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