Critical Bit #35:
Red Rising

Written by Ian Yuan, December 9, 2013, 0 Comments

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In this zombie apocalypse edition of Critical Bit, Dick confronts Nick about his past revealing a never before seen prologue to Dead Rising 3.

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Behind the Bit

To me this seems like the most logical origin for the insanity that is Dead Rising 3′s Combo Weapon system. The parallels are startling!

You may not have guessed but I am a fan of The Red Green Show. For those of you who are not Canadian and were not around this Earth at least long enough to remember the 90′s with any sort of clarity, The Red Green Show was the brainchild of Steve Smith and Rick Green. It was a sketch comedy show that featured the zany adventures of Red Green, an over-the-hill do-it-yourself-er with an over-reliance on duct tape and president of a men’s association called Possum Lodge. One of the most iconic of skits was Handyman’s Corner where Red repeatedly crafted the most absurd contraptions out of scrap and a generous amount of duct tape.

At first it would seem unlikely especially given my young age at the time of it’s highest prominence for me to be a viewer let alone a far however The Red Green Show was a show about manly men do manly things. Things like attempting to fix things and failing or angering your wife and apologizing. It was a show for bros before there ever was such a term.

That and it was shown on CBC Television (our public broadcaster) and therefore required viewing for all Canadians.

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