Critical Bit #36:
It’s a Critical Life!

Written by Ian Yuan, December 29, 2013, 0 Comments

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This is Part 1 of the Critical Bit Holiday Special: It’s a Critical Life. Looking for the other parts? Find them here:
It’s a Critical Life Part 2 – Porkchop’s New IP

The Critical Bit multi-part Holiday Special Extravaganza: Bayonetta intervenes just as Ian Y contemplates a life changing decision and shows him – It’s a Critical Life.

This comic is being released in multiple parts. This post will be updated periodically with the continued story throughout the holiday season. So come back and check this page every once and a while to see it’s exciting conclusion!

comic 037-1a

comic 037-02

comic 037-03

comic 037-04

comic 037-05a

comic 037-06

comic 037-07

comic 037-08

Behind the Bit

A holiday theme posted? After Christmas? Insane I know but blame the Ice Storm for murdering my internet access.
I hope you enjoy it anyway even though it is a tad late.
As well it’s pretty long so it will be posted in chunks over the next couple weeks so check out this page again to see more!

Critical Bit is a web comic about video games written and drawn by Ian Yuan. New additions are published every Sunday. Social media savvy? Follow him at @i_yuan on Twitter or criticalbitcomic on Tumblr for more Critical Bit fun and general silliness.

About Ian Yuan

Ian has been playing games for as long as he can remember and pretending to write about them for some significantly shorter amount of time. Words often mistakenly used to describe him include: sophisticated, gentlemanly, scholarly and Korean. His favourite time-wasters beside videogames include reading pulp detective novels, making hand sewn sock animals and adding to his skinny tie collection. He does not talk about his day job and neither should you.