Good News, Bad News:
A Critical Bit Update

Written by Ian Yuan, February 23, 2014, 0 Comments

So I have an exciting update for all of you! But first the bad news – my weekly web comic Critical Bit will be going on the back burner for an yet to be determined amount of time. Maybe a month or so.

However! The “why” is very exciting but perhaps I’ll have to backtrack some.

So back in late January Howlett and I went to Toronto Global Game Jam 2014 on a mission – make a game. But being the talentless rubes we are, we didn’t do any fancy programming or 3D modeling. The result of our endeavors is this: BIT! – The Card Game.

That bring me to our good news. My time from the web comic will be spent breathing life into LeftStickRight’s latest ill advised adventure.

Thus, consider this the inaugural BIT! – The Card Game Development Blog!

An introduction to BIT! – The Card Game

So BIT! is a fast paced competitive game of shifting goals and allegiances. It loosely takes place in the same universe as Critical Bit the web comic – only the world is reeling from a zombie outbreak (of course). Players take on the role of one of Critical Bit’s main protagonists including myself, Howlett, Tim and Bro Franklin as well as a few other surprise guests. Player race to accomplish certain feats called “Cheevos”. The first to three wins!

But our scrappy survivors are not alone, they are backed up by supporting characters called Posse, each with their own unique personality, powers and (soon to be) art – all inspired by your favourite video game tropes. But if that was not enough, amidst the chaos are 4 powerful factions vying for dominance of a shattered land.

We played our paper prototype (photos attached) a grand total of 2 times at Toronto Global Game Jam but the results were promising.

More details to come soon!

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