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Dev Blog: Vol 2

Written by Ian Yuan, March 16, 2014, 0 Comments

BIT! The Card Game Dev Blog: Vol 2 – The Second Paper Prototype and Meet the Posse Leaders

So it has been a couple weeks since the last post about BIT! But today I’ve got some great news. It was a little rocky but I managed to get the second draft edition of the game done up on the cheap. Here’s a look at a mock game in progress.

bit preview

It’s looking pretty good although just about every aspect of it visually will no doubt change by the final copy. Our priority up until now was just being able to produce something playable to test the game mechanics. Which brings me to our second exciting announcement. This Monday (tomorrow!) we’ll be heading to Bento Miso’s Games With Friends to do some intense play testing – it should be a lot of fun. If you’re in the Toronto area, be sure to drop by!

Meet the Posse Leaders

bit leaders

As mentioned in the last edition of our dev blog we learned that BIT! The Card Game takes place during a Zombie apocalypse and you lead a rag-tag band of video game inspired survivors vying for dominance. Today, I’ll be introducing the Posse Leaders – the characters that represent you in game. During the initial set up every player is randomly assigned a Posse Leader. Each has their own unique and powerful ability that dramatically affects your overall play and strategy. As well, each is either based on a current or soon to be, main character from my webcomic Critical Bit.

Let’s take a look Tim’s Posse Leader card.

bit tim play

Tim has one of the more powerful abilities in the game – Call of Kirthulu. What’s a Kirthulu you ask? Well just imagine if Kirby sucked up and copied the power of ancient Lovecraftian monster and you get the idea. In practice, if Tim if your Posse Leader, it allows you to, at the start of each turn, manipulate your Posse’s faction alignments by making all of one faction function as if they belong to another (each of the player’s choosing). Faction alignment is one of the more subtle but important mechanics of our game as many of the Cheevos (or player goals required to win) revolve around faction. For example, in the picture above Tim has 3 Posse members in play, 2 from the Zombie Defense League (indicated by the green flags) and one from Obscureau (the purple fedora). At the start of his turn Time could choose to make all Obscureau cards equivalent to ZDL (Zombie Defense League) making him possibly one step closer to attaining a Cheevo that requires him to have a full Posse (typically a set of 4) of all ZDL.

You’ll note that Leader’s also have other important stats such as Health (the number of hits a player Leader can take before possibly losing an previously earned Cheevo) and Default Max Posse Size (which has varying effects on strategy and Cheevo acquisition).

The other Posse Leader and their powers are:
Ian – Underachiever: Require 1 less Cheevo to win the game.
Howlett – Sir, You Look Delicious: Consume (discard) one active Posse member to restore 1 leader health.
Porkchop – Cheat: Draw 1 additional card at the start of your turn.
Bro Franklin – Shots Fired: Player can play 2 “Attack!” cards per turn.
Chibi Hobo – Chibi Hobo Saves The Day: At anytime discard 2 cards to use “Got Yer Back!”.
Sad Robot Girl – Advanced Weaponry: After the first round any “Attack!” cards you play while having to Posse require 2 “Dodge!” cards to avoid.

That’s it for now, more to come soon!

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