Further to our adventures at PAX East this year we were priveledged enough to watch a Johann Sebastian Joust tournament and also enjoy a bit of free play after. We managed to capture some video of that. We also caught the infamous Ezio Auditore busting a move in what can only be described as horribly historically inaccurate. EDIT: Realized that I forgot the super secret bonus round. That has been uploaded now. Enjoy!


My first interaction with anything resembling the Toronto video game scene was through Fan Expo. A few small game studios had booths in the Artist Alley and it was something I largely ignored in favour of the big titles that were being shown off in those early days, like Gears of War 2 and more. That, to me, was the pinnacle of the game enthusiast experience that I had achieved. Spending limited time with game creators who operated on such a large scale and produced world-famous products that I felt ...